What I need to learn

As soon as we passed the 4th external audit in row without non-conformances I started to browse the internet to look for the options I have. I’m focusing on German speaking countries, because my intention is to learn German together with my family. I filtered on quality, test and project management I’m good at, and after a few days I realized that I need to learn additional methods, like FMEA, PRINCE2, SixSigma and Lean. Generally I know what they mean and how they work but I haven’t had my own oppinion on them. I used FMEA once, and I found it very powerful, but I cannot try it in reality.  SixSigma and Lean will be easy with the help of L.P.,  who uses them daily. I’m afraid I’ll need to learn PRINCE2 myself…


Mariazell – Austria

I visited Austria for 4 days. We went to Mariazell, a small town in the mountains, and spent three days with hiking in the deep snow. This time we didn’t want skying, the main purpose of the journey was to rest a bit, forget what happened recently and gain energy for the next few months.

Of course I looked around in the town, I checked the prices and the opportunities. There is no industry there, so work is quite limited for managers, but surprisingly the prices are moreless the same as in Budapest. I checked the real-estate prices, the rental and living price levels. There is only 10-15 % difference, but some goods are much cheaper than they are in Hungary. Regarding foods I met different brands and different products. Why coffee flavoured jughurt is not in the shops in Hungary?

Then we spent a few hours with sightseeing in Graz. Beautiful city. Smaller than I expected, but there is an industrial area next to it. Perhaps I might look around there…

Sic transit gloria mundi

This week I realized (I was told gently) that in long term I have no future in my present position. I need to move. My independent test team has been assigned to another group, and it seems that according to the new strategy the process development will not get as high attention as it used to have. Till the end of January I have tasks: good ones, challangeous ones, but from February the things are in the dark.

Cutting of cost can be seen everywhere. I often need to answer questions like this:

Our customers pay us for our products not for our projects. Then why do we need project management?

Today the job hunting starts. I have a book about finding a job – I got that when I finished the MBA school, I should have used it before – I’ll start reading that. Then I’ll compose my CV and boost this webpage. Primarily I expect to find openings inside the business unit or the company where I’m able to add value, but in parallel I have to start social networking as well. Will see.

Start from cold

It works! There is no content at all, but it works!


This is the very first post on my webpage, where I want to share some information with you all. Information, which is about me and about the things I’m facing during my work. I have another blog about my private life, where we keep in touch with our relatives live far away, so this blog will focus on my job and my profession.

The reason I started this blog is that I’m working in the automotive industry, in a US company, and things seems to be risky nowadays for employees and companies in this area. There were some reorganization made my position less important, redundant. Furthermore I’m going to enter into a very tough discussion next week what makes me think that here is the time to begin the preparation of looking for a job. I’ll include a link to this blog in my CV to direct my possible employers here.

Ready… and take off!