Mariazell – Austria

I visited Austria for 4 days. We went to Mariazell, a small town in the mountains, and spent three days with hiking in the deep snow. This time we didn’t want skying, the main purpose of the journey was to rest a bit, forget what happened recently and gain energy for the next few months.

Of course I looked around in the town, I checked the prices and the opportunities. There is no industry there, so work is quite limited for managers, but surprisingly the prices are moreless the same as in Budapest. I checked the real-estate prices, the rental and living price levels. There is only 10-15 % difference, but some goods are much cheaper than they are in Hungary. Regarding foods I met different brands and different products. Why coffee flavoured jughurt is not in the shops in Hungary?

Then we spent a few hours with sightseeing in Graz. Beautiful city. Smaller than I expected, but there is an industrial area next to it. Perhaps I might look around there…


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