Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Sometimes an audit is like travelling to the village of Potemkin, and visit the museum there to observe the remains of the Piltdown-man.

Time is relative: if you are high enough in the hierarchy, the gravity decreases, the time passes much slower. That’s why from the bottom it seems to take decades to get a response or an approval.

… egy idősebb kolléga régi mondása:

"Most leülünk, és megpróbáljuk kitalálni, hogy mit kell tennünk ahhoz, hogy megértsük, mi a feladat."

HP, 2003

“The fact, that this is impossible, has no effect on the deadline.”


Today I had to downgrade from Win10 version of Skype to an earlier desktop version. The reason is so simple: it is not possible to copy multiple messages in a chat, only one by one. I cannot copy the conversation and paste it somewhere else.

Someone should have been fired in time, guys.

I left NNG today. I spent here 5 years. I was QA specialist, Quality and Test Manager, Process Manager. I learnt how to develop and conduct Assessment Centers. I learnt what challenges a company faces when it grows 30% every year. I held ISTQB CTFL courses for 150+ people, and 98 has successfully passed the exam. I did a lot. I left my legacy.

I met a lot of awesome people. A lot of. I miss them. We cannot go futher together. I’m heading to somewhere else.

Tomorrow I’ll start az Socionext Embedded Software Austria in Linz. As Quality Manager.

Change is good. I think.