Start from cold

It works! There is no content at all, but it works!


This is the very first post on my webpage, where I want to share some information with you all. Information, which is about me and about the things I’m facing during my work. I have another blog about my private life, where we keep in touch with our relatives live far away, so this blog will focus on my job and my profession.

The reason I started this blog is that I’m working in the automotive industry, in a US company, and things seems to be risky nowadays for employees and companies in this area. There were some reorganization made my position less important, redundant. Furthermore I’m going to enter into a very tough discussion next week what makes me think that here is the time to begin the preparation of looking for a job. I’ll include a link to this blog in my CV to direct my possible employers here.

Ready… and take off!


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