Ba1 – negative outlook

Last week spouse had a brilliant idea: she attends to a course to learn child caring, and pass the exam enabling her to found a day-care. Such day-cares are supported by the government to extend the capacity of state kindergardens. Recent government has expressed their support many times encouraging people to invest on this area.

She attended the course on Monday. On Tuesday the government made kindergardens mandatory to all children above 3, and this kind of day-cares are not accepted any more. Nobody sees this coming, really nobody.

She was at the course, surrounded by disappointed and upset people, because the service area they were learning about had just disappeared. The coach lost her job and her existence instantly. They invested several million HUFs (HUF 1 million = EUR 3260) to open three day-cares, which has no client any more. Fortunately we were in the beginning of the investment period.

There are 690 day-cares in Hungary, employing around 1500 people and taking care of 3500 children. In state kindergardens there are 2-3 years long queue. Often people signs up before they even know their child’s name. If your kid was in a day-care today, you need to wait years to get him into a state kidergarden, very likely he will attend to the grammar school before you are able to get him into a kindergarden. In the meantime Mum must be at home or take some (more expensive) service.

Later on this week, on Thursday the government has taken over all (ALL) pension savings of Hungary. ALL. I’m paying it since 1998, I had EUR 17000 on my private account, and this has disappeared today.

IMF delegation left on Friday. I really wish they won’t return any more bringing any money to this government. Since Hungary is not recommended to invest. Not at all. In my oppinion it’s a pure kommunism, led by legal terrorists. Darkest period in the last 30 years.

Anyone offers me a job abroad I’ll go instantly together with my family.

/Did you notice “In my oppinion” phrase above? It’s because media law allows the government to charge me up to EUR 85000 if I write something they don’t want to see written. This is far more than me and my family posesses at all./



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