Ba1 – negative outlook

Last week spouse had a brilliant idea: she attends to a course to learn child caring, and pass the exam enabling her to found a day-care. Such day-cares are supported by the government to extend the capacity of state kindergardens. Recent government has expressed their support many times encouraging people to invest on this area.Continue reading “Ba1 – negative outlook”

Managers not MBAs

I must react on a post of Tamás Cservenyák, author of “Tudatos vezetés” (Deliberate Leadership) blog. He introduces a book of Mintzberg: the Managers not MBAs. Mintzberg made sharp criticism against MBA courses saying that the attendees were not mature enough, they haven’t had several years of leadership behind, and the MBA classes gave too much analytical skillsContinue reading “Managers not MBAs”

Nightfall to Rambos in IT sector

I am registered in Linkedin, so it weekly sends me recent activities of my connections. Sometimes it’s interesting to see when all members of a certain group of a company update their profile on the same day. It is an excellent primary indicator to predict unwanted turnovers, or send them an offer. I normally ignoreContinue reading “Nightfall to Rambos in IT sector”

The Function to be Tested First

Yesterday I went to GE Hungary again to introduce the industry to my brother attending to mechanic engineer course (that will be a separate post as soon as censorship done). During the visit we had several technical discussions, and we talked about the “Emergency Stop” button among many other topics. A colleague we met inContinue reading “The Function to be Tested First”

Pressure on Pay Grades

On 1st January 2010 new taxation rules have been applied in Hungary. In a nutshell this means that the 18-36% graded personal income tax has been reduced to be 16% direct tax, and families having children may achieve further significant decrement. The change will increase the net salaries by 10-100% (!) in the field ofContinue reading “Pressure on Pay Grades”