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In November I started a reorganization. On 1st November, 2011, I announced the change to the team as soon as it was accepted by the management. I wanted to apply a mixture of two management styles: management by system, and management by objectives. In previous situations I used management by exception instead of objectives, but I thought this will be more effective in the present situation, fits more to the mature of the organisation.

I asked my team leaders to do the following:

  • describe the process they use for daily work, or create a working process for the major services
  • develop redundancy in the teams, we cannot afford dependencies to certain team members
  • create a strategy and budget for 2012

It took 4 months to achieve the first two goals. When they started to describe their processes (some of them have been being used for 4 years) they realized that the processes they think they use do not exist, different people do the same tasks differently, and the databases they are always refering to are incomplete and inconsistent. It took time to help them to get out of the rat racer, and have a look at the big picture. I needed to help and sometimes force them to give up taking care of operational issues and fire fighting, and just focus on the long term changes and root causes of recent issues.

I think we succeeded together. Last month we closed the phase of reorganization’s learning curve, and defined strategic goals for each areas. And now I see that they have gained the ability to manage their team towards common goals, they are able to work together.

I’m very proud today. And day by day, when I see that they will very likely reach their targets, I am more and more proud of them.


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