Reconstruction work has been fininshed

After a month of work I’m happy to announce that the reconstruction work has been finished. The site has got new look & feel, new domain address (, and a lot of updated information.

Registering this domain and get them work was a good challenge. I registered my surname as a primary domain, and since there are a few hundred other people with the same surname, I found it unethical to reserve the right of using this domain. Therefore I had to find a company which is very flexible in defining DNS entries, and of course cheap enough, and I developed an architecture enables using this domain to other “Peterbencze”s.

During the implementation I learnt configuring DNS entries, learnt how to map domains to my blog, learnt how to provide e-mail service to more people in this domain on the cheapest way, without having an on’line server with fixed IP. The result is that now there can be unlimited number of, and each user has a e-mail address. It costs EUR 28.- /year. Was I cost effective enough?

Thanks to:

  • Dimnet, providing the DNS,
  • Google apps for the e-mail service,
  • WordPress for the easy to use WYSIWYG blog creation and the domain mapping,
  • Blogspot for the powerful blog engine.

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