Sniffing around

Since in the last few months I couldn’t manage to find a potential carrier path within the company, I tend to think that I have to start browsing the net more deeply to find another options. Currently my roles and responsibilities don’t match each other or better to say they have disappeared, and because of this my work cannot add business value to the company. I’m currently maintaining a software, which will never been sold, but such softwares are available on the Internet for free or on a limited price. I feel my time is just wasted day by day, both for my company and for myself.

I think these signs ring the bell saying that the time to open a door and look around outside has definitely arrived. I’m very sad, or the better word is disappointed, because I really loved to work here, I’m very proud of what we built up with my collaboration. To see them being thrown away and be disappearing day by day is painful.

I have considered many options. One is, for sure, to stay and wait these circumstances to be changed. I see many potential assignments may be challengous for me, many areas we have lacks in, and I would be able to close some of these gaps. Unfortunately none of these areas is in my present responsibility area, if I still have such.

Another option is to look around in Hungary. This is a bit risky because nowadays the Hungarian business culture errodes day by day, so I cannot be sure that the agreement and the contract I sign is kept. In addition the elections next year may kill companies even if they are working well today. In Hungary large multinational companies with foreign top management can only be considered. Locally I’ll look for a management position.

My dream is still to live and work in Austria or in Germany, learn the language, try another way of living. In the present situation that is not too easy too. In abroad I would be happy to get a senior tester or senior quality job, I’m sure the rest of my resources would be consumed by learning the language.

We will see.

By the way, it is not the most worthy thing to write a post, which will newer be read by anyone. Instead I’m starting to look for a job.


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