Back to the future. I’m promoted to be Quality and Test Manager again.

This is the job I always loved to do. It was a long ride to get here again, but I succeed. The last one-and-a-half year was like licking the honey-mug outside. I was able to see the opportunities, but it was hard to manage people not missing them. Now I have full control again to implement my plan and ideas.

Why I love this job? It’s easy to have your team to do what you want if you have control on them. Quality Manager needs to influence people, whom he does not have supervision on. Letting a C-level manager to do what you want is a real communication and political challenge. Needs bravery, lack of fear, mastership in communication. This is what a Quality Manager does.

There is no doubt, the most significant risk of my work sits in the management’s office. I must find the way to give them what they wish, instead of giving them what they require. Even if they don’t understand the things I’m doing.

Interesting period approaches.