As I expressed exactly a year ago I think sometimes being fired is the hugest appreciation a manager may get. Do you think I have gone mad? No, I have not.

When a manager appears on an interview, wins the competition and accepts the offer, he is not able to see where he has been dropped. It’s like marrying without knowing the bride before. And then, when the manager starts to do his work he has to realize that the changes he has to make cross other’s interests. Interests of people, who have enormous informal power: they can easily make the manager out of the door. In such case what can be done? One option is to change your mind, give up your plan to achieve success and hold your tongue to get your money as long as you can. The other option is to enter into tough negotiations and receive nasty attacks. Both ways may lead into your dismissal sooner or later, but I really admire managers, who have been fired due to their enthusiasm and stamina in a lost situation.


Published by Sándor


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