You will face Mantis’s limitations just as you have started using that. I have only two days of experience, but I see that this tool is not competitive to other free bug trackers. Let me have some example:

  • CSV export is comma separated. And it exports text fields without text identifier (“text”). What do you think; can the export be parsed successfully? No, because if any text field contains a comma (some will!) the parsing dies for that record.
  • CSV export suddenly dies after ~4500 records, it is impossible to export the entire database (14000 records, so it is very small). By the way, it is a simple coding issue, because it’s possible to export all record to “Excel format” (see below)
  • E-mail notification on new record does not work, however it has been set.
  • Let’s assume you are browsing the records. You want to set Mantis to display 100 records per page, but accidentally you type 00. The page you can use to browse the records will never be displayed. Furthermore you will never be able to access the setting itself. The only thing helps is to remove all cookies from your browser.
  • XLS export is NOT an XLS export. It is HTML, and the extension is XLS. Excel opens that, but there will be issues with the first 25 rows, the rest 13978 is OK. You need to manipulate the export manually to fix the issue.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND, really. Try something else instead.