Professional Experience

NNG Ltd. (former Nav N Go Kft)

2010 – Present, Budapest, Hungary

Nav N Go is a leading navigation solution provider for the Wireless, Automotive and Personal navigation industries, and offers fully customizable, on-board, 3D navigation applications to device manufacturers, auto makers and OEM brands that are custom built according to each customer’s needs. The core technology is based on the award-winning iGO My way software engine, already installed in millions of navigation devices throughout the world.
The company also develops its own mobile games and digital maps. Its first product was launched in Germany at CeBIT 2006. Since then, Nav N Go has formed partnerships with more than 70 hardware manufacturers worldwide. It provides reliable navigation solutions for more than 70 countries and in 45 different languages.

Quality and Test Manager (2011-Present)

Maintain NNG’s Quality Policy, Testing Strategy, and support staff, management and clients in quality related issues.

QA Specialist (2010 – Present)

Building of quality management system.

Mentor Graphics Corporation (former Volcano Communications Technologies)

2003 – 2010, Budapest, Hungary

System Level Engineering Division, Automotive Network Design Business Unit


Mentor Graphics is a technology leader in electronic design automation (EDA), providing software and hardware design solutions that enable companies to develop better electronic products faster and more cost-effectively. Annual revenue is close to $1b. Automotive Network Design Business Unit develops software for two key areas:

  • Automotive & Aerospace network design tools
    Mathematical modeling to analyze signal processing requirements according to maximum age of signal allowed between publishers and subscribers of signals
  • In-vehicle Software
    Embedded software IP for use in automotive & aerospace electronic systems ECUs

Quality and Test Manager (2005 – 2010)

Maintenance of the Quality System according to ISO 9001, 90003 and Automotive SPICE; process development. Approval of Project Plans, Quality Gates and checking the implementation on Internal Audits. Investigation of customer complaints, conduct supplier selection and 2nd party audits. Provision of trainings in project management, change control, version control, risk management, HR, organizational development etc.

Establishment of independent test team: recruitment, process and tool set definition and training. Lead testing of Automotive Networking PC Tools against specification & standards.

Supervision of several projects in the portfolio. Distribution of resources according to the changing needs, ensuring that the projects reach their goals within the given constraints.

  • Highly increased quality awareness of staff, reached measurably more effective implementation
  • Passed five ISO 9001 re-certification and surveillance audits, last four in row without non-conformances
  • Establishment of agile development process (SCRUM)
  • Built up and managed independent test team of 4-15 people testing in parallel projects
  • Introduced test documentation according to IEEE 829
  • Established test process according to Automotive SPICE and ISO 9001:2008 and 90003:2004
  • Management and coordination within a multicultural team located in different sites (Egypt, Hungary, India)

Tester (2004 – 2005)

Testing of a vehicle network PC tools based on specifications and standards self managed as the only tester in the company

Software development engineer (2003 – 2004)

Software development in Borland C++ Builder and in Embedded C ( according to MISRA 98 )

  • Design and implementation of the communication layer between a PC and the automotive network emulator/tester using UDP, in C++ Builder environment
  • Implementation of LIN 2.0 diagnostic in a LIN network emulator’s firmware

Advantech Hungary Ltd.

2001-2003 Budapest, Hungary

System Integration Department

Advantech provides wide portfolio of industrial electronic equipments: networking, industrial automation as well as digital video platforms and data acquisition. The main business of the Hungarian subsidiarywas the marketing and distribution of Advantech products, but a division with 4 people worked on system integration – of course using Advantech technology.

Software Developer / System Integrator (2001-2003)

Participation in design and implementation of PC based industrial data acquisition and flow control systems, all activities from setting up quotations through supplier management, design and implementation to support

  • Successful implementation of data acquisition and measurement application in C++ for calibration of water-meters
  • Successful implementation of the communication and data acquisition layer of a flow control implementation in a paper mill in Borland Delphi
  • Successful implementation of data acquisition/analysation and communication layer of a Natrium lamp tester application in Embedded C


  • Installation of special door locks, web design
    Budapest, 2 months in 2001
  • Software development in Borland Delphi
    Ministry of Health Szekszárd, 1 month in 1999
  • Measurement of vibrancy meters and high pressure valves
    Nuclear Power Plant Paks, 1 month in 1997
  • Reparation of medical equipments
    Hospital of  Szekszárd, 3 months during 1994-1996

References are provided upon request.

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