“A beszédes változónevek egy idő után elhallgatnak.”

“Descriptive variable names become silent after a while. “

Nowadays I have no time to share my thought here, furthermore I have a tough NDA been signed, so nothing to be mentioned about recent events.

But, I have found a good article describing how a senior code developer evolves. Enjoy!


And another new expression: code origami. I like it.

We have just finished our joint project with SCIgen guys, outcome may be accessed here. Should you have any questions regarding the publication, please contact me.

To SCIgen staff: it was a good job, congratulations.

“This should have been mentioned in the school” – said by a colleague, sitting enervated after a giant failure in a demo. Theory often fails in real environment.

Today I noticed, that provision of a training is more effective if you beam out the presentation of same topics on the wall just behind you. Also noticed, that if your audience laughs a lot, it is not necessarily a reflection of your brilliant presentation, however, it may also come from the fact that you play the wheel of the mouse during your speech, and it quickly changes the slides back and forth.

How to lead the change of an organization without having direct control on them? I have a success story, I’ll share it with you soon.

Today we started our “family firm”, providing the following services:

  • advisory in software development, quality and change management,
  • operation of a rent-a-flat and guest house,
  • child care and skill development for children

Horizontal diversification is OK.