How to distribute Quality Manual? – Part III.

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When we failed with PDF files, we initiated a project to look for possible tools to migrate the Quality System in. Since the main lack was the integration of the different processes, tools were sought that support one click reference between document parts. HTML seemed to be the most appropriate solution. The documentation team began seeking a tool, which is able to generate HTML or any other browser supported content. They evaluated Frame Maker and RoboHelp among some other free tools. RoboHelp has been selected with Flash content generation.

The documentation team migrated the entire quality system to RoboHelp. It took a week only, and then we started to revise and close the gaps between the independent processes. In half year the quality system was better than ever before. Some people, who were a bit more familiar with the content started to read and refer to clauses in the Quality System. In the years before there was only a few change requests, after the migration almost a hundred arrived in 5 months. The Quality System has got alive.

There was still an issue: newcomers were not really able to find the things in the QS. There were no pictures in that, only text, text and text. And as we used the documents, we realized that there are still gaps and mismatch between processes, and the description of some processes was still confusing. I decided to look for ways to show the system graphically.

Will be continued…



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